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JULY 2018

Week 27


ATR forecasts demand for 1,300 turboprops in the Asia-Pacific

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July 6th 2018

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In its latest market forecast through to 2037, turboprop manufacturer, ATR, is predicting that Asia-Pacific carriers will have a need for 1,300 turboprop aircraft over the next 20 years. Read More »

Specifically, Toulouse-based ATR expects that China will require 300 aircraft, South Asia 260 and the rest of the region will take a combined 740 turboprops.

The key driver for this positive outlook is regional traffic growth. This comes from both traditional markets where less connected locations are being connected with direct regional routes, as well as from emerging markets where the most viable solution for connecting people and transporting goods is turboprop air links.

In the 2018-2037 market forecast, 80% of the total demand is expected to come from the 60-80 seat segment, a market served by the ATR 72, with the remainder allocated to the 40-60 seat segment, which is addressed by the ATR 42.

In addition to passenger aircraft, ATR estimates that the increase of freight traffic will generate, over the next two decades, a market potential for up to 460 turboprop freighters. This includes converted aircraft, as well as the recently launched ATR 72-600F.

ATR is competing in the regional aircraft market against Bombardier, Embraer, the MRJ jet and, in the longer term, the COMAC C919.

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