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Haneda slots for China and smaller European countries

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September 6th 2019

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Japan finalises international slot awards. Read More »

Japan has finalised the award of new international daytime slots at Tokyo Haneda. In East Asia, only China will receive additional slots with an allocation of four daily slots, the largest after the 12 awarded to the U.S. India has received one daytime slot and Australia two.

The remaining six slots were allocated to European markets that did not receive slots during a 2013 Haneda allocation: Russia (2), Finland (1), Italy (1), Turkey (1) and Scandinavia (1), where airlines can chose from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The 2013 allocation awarded slots to the U.S. and Canada, large European markets like France and the UK, and both Northeast and Southeast Asia countries.

Japan awarded an equal number of slots to a country as it awarded to Japanese carriers. So while the U.S. allocation of 12 Haneda slots was divvied up amongst four U.S. airlines, the 12 U.S. slots for Japanese carriers were split between All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Airlines (JAL).

Where multiple slots were awarded, Japan gave ANA and JAL the same number of slots. So while ANA and JAL each received six U.S. slots, ANA comes out ahead since joint venture partner, United Airlines, received four slots while JAL’s joint venture partner, American Airlines, received two slots.

JAL was allocated 11.5 slots and ANA 13.5. At ANA, slots include markets where it does not offer service: Italy, Turkey and Scandinavia. ANA has not announced expansion plans.

Market Japanese Carriers Foreign Carriers
United States 12 12
China 4 4
Russia 2 2
Australia 2 2
India 1 1
Italy 1 1
Turkey 1 1
Finland 1 1
Scandinavia 1 1
Total 25 2
Market ANA JAL
United States 6 6
China 2 2
Russia 1 1
Australia 1 1
India 0.5 0.5
Italy 1 -
Turkey 1 -
Finland - 1
Scandinavia 1 -
Total 13.5 11.5


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