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Cebu Pacific forecasts slower fleet expansion due to engine inspections

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September 19th 2023

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Cebu Pacific anticipates reduced aircraft deliveries next year than planned after engine manufacturer, Pratt & Whitney (P&W), announced its turbofan (GTF) engines powering A320 family aircraft must undergo compulsory repairs. Read More » On September 12, P&W said 600 to 700 PW1100G-JM Geared Turbofan engines will require a new maintenance plan to correct a rare condition in the powder metal used to manufacture certain parts of the engine type. “At the end of 2023, Cebu Pacific’s fleet will be 76 aircraft, including 25 P&W-powered Airbus aircraft, before increasing to 91 aircraft in 2024, the LCC said. “We anticipate several of the aircraft will be affected next year by the recent [P&W] announcement. As such, the growth rate for 2024 will be revised downwards,” Cebu Pacific said in a regulatory filing. “P&W understands the importance of its partnership with Cebu Pacific and has committed to working closely with us to minimize any potential impact this issue may have on our operations.” Cebu Pacific added there is no immediate impact on its operations.

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