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Toulouse predicts 2021 aircraft deliveries will mirror 2020 numbers

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February 24th 2021

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Airbus CEO, Guillaume Faury, when announcing the conglomerate’s annual results for 2020 earlier this month, said: “the decrease in the value of the commercial aircraft backlog reflects the higher number of deliveries compared with order intake, the weakening of the US dollar and an assessment of the backlog’s recoverability”. Read More »

Airbus has posted a calendar 2020 net loss of 1.13 billion Euros (US$1.36 billion) on a revenue decline of 29%.

Customers accepted 566 Airbus planes in the 12 months, down 34% from 863 in 2019. The 2020 commercial deliveries were 38 A220s, 446 A320 family, 19 330s, 59 A350s and four A380s.

“During the fourth quarter of 2020, 225 commercial aircraft were delivered, including 89 last December,” the results statement said.

Net commercial aircraft orders were 268 (786 in 2019) with the order backlog at 7,184 commercial aircraft at December 31 last year, Airbus said.

“As the basis for its 2021 guidance, the company assumes no further disruptions to the world economy, air traffic, the company’s internal operations and its ability to deliver products and services,” it said.

“On that basis, the company targets at least to achieve the same number of commercial aircraft deliveries in 2021 as in 2020.”

In the final quarter of last year, Airbus earned a profit of 1.55 billion Euros compared with a net loss of 3.55 billion Euros in the same months in 2019. Its net cash flow position at the close of the year was 4.3 billion Euros compared with 12.534 billion Euros a year earlier.

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