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APRIL 2024


Cover Story

Now or never pandemic moment transforms Malaysia’s flag carrier

It is ironic that COVID-19, the worst crisis in aviation history, turned out to be the savior of Malaysia Airlines. Read More »


Main Story

Boeing’s battle to rebuild customer and passenger trust

Analysts and aviation industry insiders had been calling for leadership change at Boeing for months, believing a renewal of top management was critical to rebuilding the company’s battered image. Read More »


News Backgrounder

Good times at region’s airlines

All categories of most Indo-Asia Pacific carriers reported robust profit increases at first quarter 2024 close. Read More »


News Backgrounder

Asia-Pacific LCC international networks proliferate post-pandemic

If there was ever evidence the region’s low-cost airlines (LCCs) are brimming with confidence about their prospects, industry observers need look no further than the budget arm of the Cathay Group, HK Express. Read More »


Inflight Entertainment

IFE connecting to the world on a 24/7 loop

In early February, Intelsat, one of the world’s largest integrated satellite and terrestrial networks and a leading provider of In-Flight Connectivity (IFC), completed historic test flights to the Arctic Circle that demonstrated airlines requiring inflight internet connectivity on long-haul flights at extreme northerly latitudes - the Polar Routes - can access low latency, high-throughput service at any point on their route maps. Read More »



Blows to Boeing’s reputation keep coming

As Boeing concedes market share to Airbus, the aerospace company continues to suffer more hits to its once iconic global reputation. Read More »



Bonza creditors “could fill a stadium”

At press time, Bonza’s five 737-800s repossessed by their lessor, AIP Capital, were on their way to new homes beyond Australia. Read More »



Global lost baggage rates slide 60%

Between 2007 and 2022, the global rate of mishandled bags was reduced to 7.6 per 1,000 passengers, an International Air Transport Association (IATA) survey of 155 airlines and 94 airlines shows. Read More »



Can new leadership restore Boeing’s reputation?

The latest claims by a Boeing whistleblower that the company took shortcuts in the manufacturing of its B787s and B777s – dozens are operated by Asia-Pacific airlines – are being investigated by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Read More »