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JUNE 2024


Cover Story

Taking time to listen

When Vanessa Hudson took charge of the Qantas Group last September the Flying Kangaroo had been losing altitude for months. Read More »


Main Story

In this together

A touch of optimism, but a fair amount of caution. And a renewal of a plea for governments to do more. Read More »


Industry Insight Special Report

Regional bonanza beckons for industry lessors

Numbers crunched by Fortune Business Insights show the aircraft leasing market was valued at $172.88 billion in 2023, will grow to $183.23 billion this year and by 2032 and will be $401.67 billion; an annual growth rate of 11.1%. Read More »


News Backgrounder

Airlines must spruik their retailing stuff

The fact the world’s airlines earn an average profit of US$6.14 per passenger is bad enough. Read More »



Will he stay or will he go?

When His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Emirates Group Chairman and Chief Executive, announced a swathe of top management appointments on July 8, the question top of mind among industry watchers was more about another Emirates Airline leader. Read More »



Mixed fates

At press time, Oceania’s Air Vanuatu was hopeful of identifying investors to fund its return to flying. Read More »



Qantas Group shareholders to vote on new chair at October AGM

John Mullen, Qantas chair elect since April 22, is expected to win shareholder endorsement of his new role leading the company’s board at the group’s AGM on October 25. Read More »



Fred Lam is new AAHK chair

In June, Fred Lam (65), the Airport Authority Hong Kong’s (AAHK) CEO since 2014, succeeded Jack So as chair. Read More »



Don’t miss riding the tech retailing wave

That the International Air Transport Association reports Asia-Pacific airlines are making a mere $1.20 from each passenger they carry is stunning. Read More »