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IndiGo’s moment in the sun

Opportunity has come knocking at the door of India’s largest privately owned low fare airline like never before. Read More »


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Artificial Intelligence: no looking back for airlines

Emirates Airline president, Tim Clark, has a message for the industry about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Read More »


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Artificial Intelligence has lessons to learn from aviation

When it comes to regulation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) the tech industry should look to aviation for inspiration, two researchers suggest in a paper prepared for the World Economic Forum. Read More »


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Act quickly to shape the future of Artificial Intelligence

In a recent op ed in the Financial Times, U.S. secretry of Sate, Anthony Blinken and fellow cabinet minister, Gina Raimondo, said the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not whether to use it, but how to use it. Read More »


Special Report: MRO Asia-Pacific update

Asia-Pacific MRO riding high on airline recovery wave

A new 10-year forecast of MRO demand in the Asia-Pacific predicts the sector will recover beyond its 2019 peak of US$17 billion to US$18 billion and continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 1.8% to 2033. Read More »


Special Report: MRO Asia-Pacific update

Digital innovation must accompany surging MRO sector

Investment in modern aviation maintenance software is critical for large airlines to thrive in the marketplace. Read More »


Special Report: MRO Asia-Pacific update

Ameco aims to outperform post pandemic growth curve

This year and 2024 will be critical for the return to growth of the entire MRO industry, Ameco general manager marketing and sales, Bin Teng, told Orient Aviation last month. Read More »


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Hong Kong transforms to “AirportCity” to intensify focus on China’s Greater Bay Area

It is the most ambitious project Hong Kong-headquartered New World Development has undertaken, but it is not being built for the 7.5 million residents of the Special Administrative Region alone. Read More »


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China-Hong Kong intermodal cargo takes digital and logistical leap forward

Cargo bound for the world from southern China’s Greater Bay Area will soon be able to be loaded upstream at a purpose-built joint DHL facility in Dongguan where all necessary customs documentation will be completed and consignments can be transported by ferry to air or rail to air directly to HKIA. Read More »



Bumper profit bounce at region’s leading airlines

In the first week of this month, China Airlines announced the second highest interim profit in its history. Read More »



SAF supply insufficient and too expensive

Supply of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is a formidable issue for the airline industry to manage, but it is not the biggest obstacle to SAF powering airlines by 2050. Read More »



Artificial Intelligence can learn from airline regulatory framework

Increasing integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into aviation will be massively beneficial. Read More »