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JULY 2022

Week 27


Cathay Pacific Airways adding destinations after cancellation of Hong Kong’s airline flight suspension rule

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July 8th 2022

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The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government will no longer suspend an airline from flying to Hong Kong if five or more passengers on a particular flight test COVID-19 positive upon arrival. Read More » The mechanism will be suspended “until further notice”, the government said, after it concluded keeping it in place was “comparatively not very cost-effective in avoiding the importation of cases”. The HKSAR government added July was the peak period for students studying abroad to return to Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific Airways said in a LinkedIn post: “We welcome the Hong Kong SAR government's decision to temporarily halt the route-specific flight suspension mechanism, effective immediately, as it helps minimise inconvenience for passengers returning to Hong Kong. In view of the latest series of adjustment measures, we have been working progressively and safely to resume more passenger and cargo flights for our customers.”

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