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APRIL 2020

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Toll of the COVID-19 calamity on Asia-Pacific aviation

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April 1st 2020

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The region’s aviation sector has taken the largest financial hit worldwide from COVID-19. Read More »

In the following report, associate editor and chief correspondent, Tom Ballantyne, documents the harsh decisions the region’s airlines, airports and suppliers have had to make to battle the pandemic.

• IATA predicts U-shaped recovery from COVID-19 and fears recession

• Asia-Pacific carriers bear brunt of COVID-19’s ravaging attack

• Who will survive the Asia-Pacific network carnage?

• Cheaper oil prices negated by scale of COVID-19 crisis

• Note to customers: all aircraft park up spaces full until further notice

• Airports and ATMs are unavoidable casualties of COVID-19

• Airbus and Boeing rush to secure new funding


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