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MARCH 2022

Week 13


Japan Airlines lifts domestic airfares as fuel prices accelerate

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March 29th 2022

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Japan Airlines (JAL) will increase domestic airfares between 3% and 8% as it battles the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the rising cost of jet fuel from Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Read More » The oneworld alliance member said fares for children and business class tickets will rise by 3%, some long-term tickets will go up 5% and adult regular fares, round-trip discount tickets and shareholder discount tickets will increase by 8%. The airline also is changing the cost of a day-of-travel upgrade to Class J (business class) and first class on domestic flights from a flat fee to a varied charge depending on the particular flight. The new fare structure will apply from April 15, JAL said. Figures from the International Air Transport Association show the price of jet fuel has risen 45.4% in the month to March 25 and is 141.5% higher than a year ago.

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